Lost stories from lands lost
Interactive installation that highlights folktakes from immigrants in New york City

Collaborators: Divya Mangwani, Aaron Montoya-Moraga
Duration: 6 Weeks
Role: Concept, Experience Design, Fabrication, Electronics, Graphic Design
Tools: Arduino, Max/MSP

Exhibited in the Tisch School of the Arts for 3 days, this installation integrates different methods of storytelling through a personal narrative from cultures and countries. Immigrants that have left their countries behind still have their stories, their folktales and myths to connect them and their families to their homeland.

We collected these stories over four months through interviews and have developed the piece to re-tell, record and remember their narratives. We designed an experience for people to engage with the objects and use their imaginations to recreate the stories being told.

Recipient of the Tisch School of the Arts GSO Grant
contact : viniyata@gmail.com