Emojis for conversations around Climate Change

Duration: 2017- Ongoing
Collaborators: Marina Zurkow ( Project Co-lead), Manuja Waldia, Denny George, Richard Lapham
Project: Self Initiated, Supported by NYU Green Grants, in collaboration with NYU Office of Sustainability
Role: Project Co-lead : Art Direction, Management, Branding/Marketing, Graphic Design, iOS Development

Links: Climoji Sticker Pack for iMessage, Climoji Sticker pack App for Android

Climoji offer a visual vocabulary that aids and encourages conversations around environmental concerns and brings it into a usable pop-visual language system.

Emoji are used to annotate feelings and to short-hand communication. Climoji serve both as signifiers to amplify climate change and as tools to express despair, hope, and solidarity. Visual popular culture is capable of connecting audiences to difficult issues wordlessly, emotionally and with humor, as grave as the issues may be. We believe that the more climate change enters into the common language (like emoji), the more a movement of social and environmental change can keep action front of mind.

We hosted brainstorming sessions with students and professors at New York University to collect different perspectives on climate change. We asked participants to draw their ideas on post-its, depicting climate change, both generally and topically (water, waste, emissions, injustice, plastic and more).

Press: Brietbart, Newsweek, The Verge, Evening Standard, Earther, Huffpost, The Daily Catch, The Weather Channel, Neural Magazine, UN Climate Change, WWF UK, and more.
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